Featured Projects


Compass Health Network

Photography is a storytelling image for a client but often an adventure for the photographer. We have been invited to primary care visits, infant appointments, dental cleanings, a classroom presentation on bullying and a meeting of teens in an inpatient drug center. These moments are a privlage to capture all in the common hope these moments shown will help others today and tommorrow.


Pictures have power, especially when we are hungry. The project found us making several trips to the restaurant to capture the food, feel and crowd that is Sophia's. We came for brunch, dinner, happy hour and dinner. Our goal was to showcase the experience of the restaurant in their new website produced by Columbia, MO based web development agency Lift Division. Pasta, beef, wine and the atmosphere of Italy... we long to back.


How would you describe "high school"? What would it feel like to go back? After going back several times I can say "I love high school". Saint Louis University High School or SLUH is an all boys Catholic high school where it is cool to be smart. To capture SLUH two to three times per year I am immersed in their classrooms, hallways and whole school worship assembly. Pictures are used on their website as well as view book.