We observe, taste and strive to encapsulate the experience to share with others. Some projects involve dirt and wind and others involved Italian cuisine served with Chianti. Oh to work on a project with Italian food everyday! We don't have favorite projects but we do have pictures that make us smile.

How do you describe the American High School experience to a 7th or 8th grader? I have worked with a few high schools to "bottle" the school experience for use in view books and marketing products. I sit on the floor and observe. What exactly did we learn in high school? These schools make me want to go back and do it all again!

Assigned this story by The New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Alan Schwarz and I asked why Missouri is the only state in the counrty without a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program or PDMP. Why is this? How does it effect opioid abuse, law enforcement and recovery. (Click the button above and read our story in the The New York Times.

Music School

Life behind the instruments

My True/False

Columbia, Missouri’s International

Documentary Film Festival from the inside.